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Our Aestheticians are trained to assess skin concerns, meaning they are able to prescribe you the most suitable course of action to get you real results.
Many clients who come to see us in clinic have the same skin issues;
Ageing Skin - Not always old skin...  Often through lifestyle and skin routine our skin can appear older than it's years.   The treatments we offer in clinic will promote healthy looking skin, reduce the signs of ageing and give you a better understanding.
Acne Prone Skin - from teenage to adult acne we all suffer from breakouts and skin blemishes.  Often skin is red and active, in clinic we have treatment protocols to slow this down, reduce the visible signs and fight future breakouts.  We also work with scars and hyperpigmentation following years of problem skin.  Again we have amazing treatments to help in the visible appearance.
Blemishes and Lesions - from broken veins, chronic redness to warts and skin tags we have many treatments to remove and target these issues.
Chronic Redness - Flushed, red, sensitive skins can be soothed and slowed down with a number of in clinic treatments.
Sun Damaged, Pigmentation, Melasma - Through years of sun exposure or through trauma we can all experience pigmentation spots.  Often referred to as Sun Spots, Age Spots or Melasma these brown marks can be unsightly and even ageing. 
Fine Lines and Wrinkles - Not all answers are Botox and Fillers...  here in clinic we can make your skin work for itself to promote Collagen and Elastin production and reduce the visible appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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27 Bridge Street, Hitchin, Hertfordshire, SG5 2DF 

Telephone: 01462 453888

Email: hello@absolute-skin.co.uk

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We require minimum 48 hour notice of cancellation.  Cancellation and non-attendance will result in ANY deposit being non-refundable or transferable. All First consultations are FREE of charge, however if late cancel under 48 hours notice or no-show any new consultation booked is chargeable at £50.

Booked Courses Cancellation Policy - Courses are priced at a substantial discount on the individual treatment price.  In the event that a course is cancelled for any reason before it has been completed, and a refund is requested on the balance of any remaining treatments, this will be calculated by calculating the combined value of any completed treatments at their individual, full price, and subtracting this from the total paid for the course.  The difference between the two amounts will be the amount to be refunded. E.G.:

Treatment value: £100

Course of 6 price: £400

Cancellation after 3 treatments = £300 value at full price = £100 refund