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Advanced Electrolysis
The ONLY method of Permanent Hair Removal

A very fine disposable sterile needle or probe, about the size of a small eyelash, is introduced into the individual hair follicle to the correct depth and a small amount of current is released. This eventually destroys the root of the hair by cutting off the blood supply which feeds the hair starving it of nourishment and nutrients. As a result of this the hair becomes finer with often lighter hair growth and eventual demise of the hair. The ability of the hair follicle to produce a hair is destroyed rather than the hair itself.


For electrolysis there is no 'typical' treatment as all clients are treated as individuals. Treatments can vary from a short 10 minute appointment up to a 2-3 hours+ depending upon the area being treated. All treatment planning will be discussed on the day of the consultation. During your consultation you are encouraged to ask as many questions as possible so you are informed correctly about your course of treatments.

 Immediately after an electrolysis treatment it is normal for the skin to be sensitised with a pink appearance. This reaction is temporary and should return to normal within 24 hours. Following the treatment an after care product will be applied to calm and soothe the area protecting it from an unwanted reaction. Sterex strongly recommend aftercare products are purchased to continue the good work as home care.

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