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Unwanted ink?

Whatever your reason, having all, or part of a tattoo removed is a big decision, so choosing the right method and laser tattoo removal clinic is crucial to achieving the best results.
Every tattoo is different and factors like age, size, quality, and colours all have a bearing on how many sessions will be required and how successful your treatment will be, but probably the most important factor is the Laser Removal Machine itself.

Free Consultation & Patch Test

Old Ink
Tattoo Cover-up
Tattoo Regret
Tattoo Removal
With two medical-grade laser tattoo removal machines, we are able to offer not just the standard two wavelengths of 532 and 1064, but a further third 'Alexandrite' wavelength at 755nm which can target a greater range of colours at different depths in the skin. This advanced selection ensures optimum tattoo removal results across the full spectrum of colours, even green and light-blue ink (which most lasers can't treat).  
A full consultation and patch test with one of our highly qualified and experienced technicians is carried-out on your first visit which enables us to provide a bespoke treatment program tailored to your individual needs.  
Absolute Skin works with The Laser Studios who run clinics in Hitchin and Stevenage, both locations are easy to reach and are perfectly placed to provide Laser Tattoo Removal treatments to clients from throughout Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Suffolk, Essex, and North London. 
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