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permanent make-up

with Kally

Keep scrolling for the direct link to Kally's permanent make-up website.  Kally is the resident permanent make-up artist here at Absolute Skin.  Kally and her partner Carl are the founders of Absolute Skin and have been operating this amazing clinic since 2018.  Kally has been a permanent make-up artist for over 17 years and is renowned for her work worldwide.

An award winning artist, recognised by the UK Permanent Makeup Conference the Worldwide Eyebrow Festival, Browista, Micropigmentation UK, the AAM (American Association of Micropigmentation) and PCASA.  Kally is not only a 1st place winner in categories such as Nano Hairstrokes and 3D Areola Tattooing, she is also an Event Speaker and Live Demonstrator for conferences around the globe!



Hairstrokes are the term used for crisp tiny, micro lines tattooed to mimic real hairs.  The hairs in NANO are created with a small single needle and in Kally's method using a machine and electric power.

Unlike the traditional word of Microblading Kally chooses to create your eyebrows with the kindest method possible.  This method using machine is the kindest and suits all skin types.

Realism is the style of work Kally specialises in, offering clients the most stunning natural look. In many cases where the client asks for no one to notice.  This is achieved after years of training and specialising in this method.  The healed results of these brows are stunning. 

And yes suitable for ALL Ages, with existing hairs or no hairs...



Kally specialises in the Male Eyebrow patterns and shapes, Kally has analysed and created a method that suits the male face.

Male eyebrows are different to the female form, Kally will create NANO Hairstrokes to help build a complete eyebrow in cases of hair loss and alopecia.

Or, Kally can rebuild an eyebrow where there is sparse areas or scars. 



More of a make-up look, HOWEVER this style can be adapted and tailored to suit each client.

Ombre is the word for a natural graduated fade in the eyebrow, this is usually around the front and tops of the brows, leaving a soft edge and no harshness.

Powder is the healed result, there are not lines tattooed here like NANO, the effect is a shaded, soft airy brow.

This style suits all skin types and can be created in Blonde, Browns and Dark Browns. 



LIPBLUSH is a tattoo technique to add colour to the natural lips.  Suitable shades will be selected to add a rosey pink or coral peach colour to the lips.

In this treatment we can add colour and even correct the lips natural tone.  Please note we cannot change the shape of the natural lips.

Suitable for adding colour after Lip Filler enhancement treatments have been carried out.



Fashions do change and therefore all eyeliner treatments will be a dusty soft healed result.  Eyeliner pigments hold for a long time in the eye and therefore is is more ethical and better looking to create a soft shaded look.

Please note age and eye-shape will determine if a wing/flick is achievable. 

Close up view of beautiful brown female eye. Perfect trendy eyebrow.jpg


The most subtle but effecting way to enhance the eyes.  Working ONLY through the natural lash line this healed result will leave your eyes looking like they have more colour and lashes at the root.

Less is more!

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