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Stretch Mark Revision Treatment

What is the revision treatment?

Scar revision treatment for stretch marks is a very effective treatment which helps reduce and re-pigment stretch marks caused by many reasons on all areas of the body.

Typically the area treated will need to be re-treated a number of times, on average results will be noticeable after 2-4 treatments.  However, sometimes up to 8 treatments may be needed we treat everyone as an individual and tailor the treatment for the person.

We re-treat every 4-8 weeks to allow the skin to replenish and heal.

The process is classed as 'Controlled Trauma' this trauma stimulates the cells and blood supply needed to build and repair damaged and broken skin.  Straight after the treatment each individual stretch mark will be red and slightly 'angry' looking, this is very normal as this is the response we are looking for in treatment.  When you leave you will go through a very simple healing process where the body will start the remodelling and rebuilding process.   

We advise no sun exposure to the treated area for a minimum of two weeks. Full aftercare is given at consultation and treatment.

If you would like to book in for treatment please follow this link.  These treatments are carried out by one of our resident practitioners.  BOOK HERE

If you have any questions we are happy to complete a face to face consultation these are chargeable at £30


Prices are charged on the number of stretch marks and size.  Please note these prices are for average areas, we will advise you the full price on assessment. 

We charge per treatment and again we can advise you on assessment the rough time needed.  Please note we cannot offer any guarantees for the speed or level of change in each person.

30 Minutes - Small area 2-5 stretch marks

60 Minutes - Medium area 5-20 stretch marks

90 Minutes - Large area 20-50 stretch marks

2 Hours - large areas or multiple areas 

from £90

from £180

from £225

from £300

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