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Male Waxing

From a full Chest and Abdomen to underarm and Back and Shoulders. 

Close up of muscular male torso, chest a

Male Nostrils £8

Male Ear £12

Male Underarm £12

Male Eyebrow £12

Male Back Neck & Shoulders £35

Male Chest & Abs £35

Male Chest OR Abs £20

Male Full Torso £60

(Back, Neck, Shoulders, Chest & Abs

Male Full Body £140

Warm Waxing

Warm wax is applied thinly to the skin with a spatula, a strip is then applied and removed with a swift pull which removes the hair, this type of waxing is best for legs, arms and for males backs!

Beautiful long woman's legs with smooth

Eyebrow Wax £13

Lip and Chin £19

Top Lip £12

Chin £12

Feet & Toes £13

Forearm £11

Full Arm £26

Half Leg £24

Full Leg £28

Abdomen £15

Extended Bikini £22

Hot Waxing

Working at a slightly higher temperature, hot wax is a thicker wax applied to the skin, then allowed to cool and contract. It is then peeled from the skin without any strip removing unwanted hairs. Hot waxing tends to be better for shorter, more stubborn hairs making it more comfortable for intimate waxing.

Close up of female armpit isolated on pi

Eyebrow £13

Lip and Chin £19

Lip £12

Chin £12

Nostrils £8

Underarm £14

Feet & Toes £10

Bikini Line £20

Extended Bikini £22

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