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Permanent Welded Jewellery

Bridal Jewelry

What is welded jewellery?

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This very delicate jewellery is either Sterling Silver or 9k Gold Filled chain, each chain is measured and joined together with a simple 'weld' meaning they are a permanent piece of beautiful jewellery.

We use the small chains on purpose for a barely there feel, we would recommend a tight fitting so it does not become annoying.

Simple charms can be added to personalise each chain, from Birthstones, Initials and Hearts and Stars.  New exciting charms are arriving all the time, if you have a specific request do let us know and we may be able to source this for you.

Once 'welded' the 9k Gold filled and Sterling Silver will not tarnish or change colour. The difference with gold filled versus gold plated, is that the plated metals will fade and disappear over time. We choose gold filled so you have a longer life with your jewellery. Sterling Silver may need a polish from time to time, but always comes back to shiny and new with a quick polish. 

Sterling Silver

100% recycled 925 sterling silver made in Italy.

Sterling silver jewellery is a high-quality choice to wear every day. However, it may tarnish if exposed to chlorine, sweat or chemicals regularly. We provide all of our customers with a polishing cloth and aftercare instructions which keeps your jewellery looking its best.

Gold Filled

Gold-filled jewellery has up to 100 times more gold than gold-plated. Gold-filled jewellery can last for years with proper care. In fact, gold-filled jewellery is more durable than other gold-plated options - making it ideal for daily wear.

9ct, 14ct Gold

Available in yellow or white gold.

The most durable and long-lasting option for your welded jewellery. Our real gold options will last longer and require less maintenance than gold-filled or sterling silver options. Solid Gold Necklaces and anklets will require 2 appointments and POA.

All of our gold is ethically sourced and quality tested to ensure the highest standards are provided for our customers.

Jewelry Making


Bookings are per person, per chain fitted

For more than one person please book for more than one chain. 

Individual charms are an additional cost and will add time to the service, please do bear with us as we may slightly over-run if these are added on as a last minute request.

Inside Absolute Skin 

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Tel: 01462 453888

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